Monday, January 18, 2010

Costa Rica: December 28, 2009

It will be a little sad to leave Lapa Rios, but more adventure awaits.  Last night after dinner we spotted two vine snakes and a walking stick on our way back to the room.  After ushering out a cockroach from one of the beds, we retired with the sound of the waves and chirping geckos.  This morning we hiked the ridge trail with Danilo.  Muddy, but educational and a good workout.

Blooms once a year.  Though they probably tell every guest that.

Poison dart frog..No tocar!

Little squirrel monkey

We also got a great lecture on medicinal plants.  The kerosene plant which smells like mango, is flammable, and also acts as an insect repellent.  Danielle spotted a coati, which apparently is about as common as raccoons here, but isn't nocturnal.  She also spotted another vine snake, though this one apparently packed a bite.  We walked through primary forest (never cut down) and secondary, both of which have the ground level, the under story, sub canopy, canopy and emergents. After returning and washing some clothes in the shower, it was off to lunch.  Then another stroll to the beach where we encountered a group of squirrel monkeys crossing the tops of the trees.  After a little while at the beach, it was back to the resort and a stop by the pool where we kept company with four bats under the roof of the pool-side hut.  Soon some howler monkeys gave us a good show, as well as a toucan and a great curasow.   

Lapa Rios continues to impress and educate.

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