Thursday, June 2, 2011


We work up in carcassonne to rain, which sucked for exploring a medieval city, but we tried to make the best if it. After a cassoulet (think hearty casserole with white beans and meats baked in a clay bowl) we were off to Point du Garde, site of a famous roman aqueduct. having been to the one in Segovia Spain, I was impressed yet again. this one is different in that a city hasn't been built up around it.

very cool, but I'll always fondly remember seeing the one at Segovia, lit up at night.

we then took back roads through countryside that was straight out of my imagination of what the Provence region should look like. what's more, the weather cleared up! So take the best of the Napa region, minus the chain stores, highway ads, winery ads, traffic and congestion...okay, never mind, Napa is nothing like it. the small walled villages are so beautiful, and it must be a simple life. Uzés was particularly attractive, as were the dozen or so other towns, with their Chateau perched atop the highest hill.

then we hit Avignon, and it was a rude awakening. dirtier streets, honking horns, traffic, it was stressful for me getting to the heart if this walled city, once home to the pope outside of Rome. I'm glad we saw it however, but Danielle summed it up best by saying "eh it's just like any other big european city." The wine for dinner was good, but I won't go into details as to how uninspiring the food in general has been in France. So far Spain as a whole, but especially Barcelona, is kicking France's ass in terms of cuisine.

by the way, I use Photosynth for these stitched Picts. love them microsoft labs tools.

and now we're in a small village outside L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, and we arrived at 10pm -- couldn't see much other than the pitch black, but were well into the country. can't wait to see the area in the morning.

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Location:Chemin des Espélugues,L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue,France

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