Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coral is sharp

First day in Wailea, Maui was fantastic. thanks to jet lag, we were up at 5 and ready to go. first order of business after breakfast of mostly chocolate and cookies (don't judge) was to go for a walk to experience the grounds of The Fairmont and get the blood circulating. A 2 mile path kisses the back of The Fairmount, The Four Seasons, The Grand Wailea, and other hotels. While it's a heavily manicured, the little path was not at all busy. in fact, the whole area doesn't feel at all crowded, just pretty mellow.

Next order of business was to get in the water. I needed some snorkeling gear, and there are a million shops that rent, but here's a tip: buy the mask, fins and, I dunno, mouth tube thing? when you get here at kmart or Safeway. because the cost of renting is $25/week for mid range stuff, and buying is $30 + the bonus of not having to imagine just what type of sanitary measures the shop takes... i ended up renting before going to Safeway, so, lesson learned. Anyway, to cut to the chase, snorkeling here is amazing. tons of activity along the reef. Danielle saw a reef shark too, and here's why I suspect; I had tons of micro cuts on my hands from touching the coral for support while putting on my flippers. actually it is the urchin that I suspect are the culprits here, but the point [ha] is that I didn't feel any of them happen, but when I surfaced out of the water, I saw was rocking a couple of really good slashes. so yeah, mr. reef shark probably smelled dinner.

next we drove down as far as you can drive in Maui, and the road takes you through a field that is probably where they filmed all the moon landing footage.

very amazing lava flow that happened 300 years ago.

In town (kehei) a little later Danielle noticed a place called Da Kitchen which she said was where she read they serve Real Hawaiian food. and far be it from me to turn down a spam masubi. Yes, it was amazing.

then we went to bed at like 7 Hawaii time.

oh you natives you.....

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  1. holly shit my reader hadn't been informing me of any of this.

    bed by 7? Spam Sandwitches? I'm clearly out of reach!!!