Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The "palmetto bugs" here fly. well.

So anyway, when your hands and fingers have microcuts from coral and/or sea urchins, here is a comprehensive list of things that Hurt:
- sun screen lotion.
- soap.
- chlorine water.
- salt water.
- Mai tai.

Day two was even better than day one. The day started with Danielle waking up at 4 am and reading the paper. i rolled out of bed an hour or two later, squeezed in a quick 5k along previously discussed path, then it was off to try the snorkeling again. I did a better job at Not blindly grabbing ahold oh things below the water that I cannot see, and Eagle-eye Danielle spotted a sea turtle that we followed for a good 15 minutes. Danielle also correctly identified a 4 foot trumpet fish. she's an island pro.

Then it was on to pick up the bikes! So, cross season is right around the corner and I have to stay on top of the intervals I started last week, so I rented a 5 series Madone for duration! They also hooked up Danielle with a sweet Orbea, though it took a stem swap for her to dial in the fit. I get along really with 80+ degree weather, so a quick ride in the afternoon was just the right thing to shake out the legs.

Drinks and a little pizza at The Four Seasons capped off the night. we also stole a peek at the luau going on at The Grand Wailea, but since the garb on the "native" dancer wasn't authentic (haha, get it?), I quickly lost interest.

Maui is beautiful...

yeeeow, so is Danielle!

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