Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy number two!

More snorkeling -- I'm wrestling with crappy equipment, but almost nothing can take away from the amazement of floating in a giant reef tank. Then I squeezed in some very hot intervals followed by Danielle meeting me for the spin down portion, where her intention was to escort me to the end of Makena where we'd sample from the local road side vendors. first up was a giant of a Hawaiian woman selling fresh coconut juice, where upon your completion she'd cut away the meet so you could take it to go.

fresh coconut juice >> cytomax, btw.

then it was off to a grill set up side of the road that's been featured in nat geo traveler -- Makena Grill. while the personality of the non-Hawaiian owner was a bit coarse at first, the fresh caught grilled Ono was delicious, and Danielle had some of the best coconut rice I've ever eaten.

We had a chill afternoon, Danielle arranging our itinerary for the remainder of the trip. Then it was a walk along the path by the ocean to The Four Seasons for our anniversary dinner at Spago's, which I believe is a Wolfgang Puck establishment. The food was amazing (just the day before we left we got an enthusiastic tip about this place) the service excellent, and the sunset view made it post card perfect. cliche, really, but we loved it all the same. opt for the times when they're offering the price fixed menu and save a bundle.

Aloha akiaki! I don't know if that's spelled right of pronounced like i just wrote, but Danielle is going to be fluent in Hawaiian before we leave anyway, so I'll follow up.

P.s. blogging on the iPhone is tedious.

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